What is South Hill Designs?

Today I was telling someone about South Hill Designs.  She was looking at the pictures I was showing her.  She said “I love that one with the wing, I will get that one.” So I said “Okay, do you want to add anything or do you want it just like that?” She was very confused.  I guess because I know what I am talking about, I think other people know what I am talking about.  Happens all the time to me.  So I realized my mistake, if someone has never been to a social they would not know how South Hill Designs works.

It is custom jewelry.  You get to customize it! The lockets come in three colors, gold, silver and rose gold.  Then they either have crystals around the edge or not. They also come in three sizes, large, medium and mini.  So the first thing you do is pick the locket you want.  The locket is held together by very strong little magnets that are on the inside. The hinge to open the locket is also on the inside.  Once the locket is closed you can not see either the magnets or the hinge.

charmsinside closedwithcharms openlocket

Then you pick a screen or a coin as a background on your locket or leave it open.  The locket is glass on both sides, so you can leave it see-through or you can put the screen or coin in as the back.

Then you pick your charms.  We have all kinds of charms to pick from.  Birthstones, animals, celebrations, faith, family, flags, food, Greek letters, hobbies and occupations, letters, love, music, numbers and many more.  So many to choose from to fit your story, your life or your style.


Then you pick a chain.  Your locket comes with a chain but if you want to upgrade we have chains that will work perfect with your locket.

Last you can pick a droplet to accent your locket.


South Hill Designs is so easy to change, you can change it everyday!

So if you have any questions just let me know.  I hope this helps sum up what South Hill Designs is and why you would love it as much as I do!